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The Beginning

Through the years, dive instructor and avid sport fisherman, Dorian Swanner, battled the same problems as many others in the industry. Overcrowded boats, lack of space, and hours wasted on boat wash-down and rigging equipment. Trying to find quality products that fit his needs became seemingly impossible. 

Dorian has been in the manufacturing industry since 1990. His solution became clear quickly. He would produce a line of high quality marine products that would simplify many of the day to day tasks on his yacht. These products give the best of both worlds to fisherman, divers, and boat-owners alike

Making the Difference

At Outlaw Marine Products, quality and functionality are our top priorities. We know our customers need products that will stand the test of time. With our extensive knowledge in both the marine and manufacturing industry, we have been able to bring new life into the marine market. 

Our products have been designed with the user in mind. Many of our products have diverse functionalities to enable you to spend less time working, and more time doing what you enjoy. 


Our Products

Old School Craftsmanship... 

Our designers and engineers take a hands on approach to making our products. Through years of knowledge and experience, our company knows that old school craftsmanship cannot be replaced, and produces a higher quality product.

Outlaw Marine Products prioritizes the end user and their needs. Our staff takes the time to know what those needs are, and design products to fit them. We are passionate about our work, and are proud of the products we manufacture. 

Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

At Outlaw Marine Products, we implement the latest technology into our manufacturing process. Our machining center features lasers, CNC machines, robotic welders, state-of-the-art testing software's, and much more. This technology gives us the ability to cut down human error, while delivering consistent and quality results.

When we combine the old school craftsmanship with this cutting edge technology, it produces a high quality product that has both functionality and dependability. This combination is rare in today's time.     

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